World of Great Muslims: A Biographical Dictionary [5 Parts] by M.A Shewan

World of Great Muslims: A Biographical Dictionary [5 Parts] by M.A Shewan

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World of Great Muslims are those, who have made an impact on the world civilization, world culture and style of life. Most of them have left their lasting footprints in several ages and eras.

From the day first down to the present hour, men of exceptional qualities came in this world, who held the banner of Islam high and promoted the cause thereof, professedly and professionally. Prophets and Messengers apart, men of astounding knowledge and insight of Islam contributed their best to the making of the world.

In fact, sons of Islam have changed the world scenario, to a great extent: Followers of Islam or Muslims have scaled new and newer heights in all areas. For this purpose, they offered wholehearted sacrifices of their wealth and assets and even lives and eventually got their names recorded in the pages of history.

Short biographies are now in vogue, as readers have little time to devote to lengthy details, in huge books. Hence this mini-encyclopaedia of biographies of great Muslims — men and women, in all walks of life.

This voluminous compilation is an adventurous academic endeavour, in its own right. This work is destined to be acknowledged, by libraries and all academic circles. This is an asset for all scholars, researchers, students and general readers, alike. This is in fact, knowledge in nutshell.


Dr. M.A. Shewan (b.1961), an academic and scholar in his own right, is a seasoned author, with many books to his credit. A product of Agra University, he is fully devoted to serious writing and research. A specialist in Islam, History, journalistic and media affairs, he heads a news bureau, which serves several leading national dailies and one news channel. Based at Aligarh, he runs an information centre also, which trains young men in print and electronic media.

Dr. Shewan has several books to his credit. He has also contributed to reputed journals and magazines, apart from attending seminars and symposia, over the past decades. Among a good number of books to his credit, are included some highly academic works on Islamic Studies and History of Muslims. To diversify academically, he has turned his attention towards biographical writing. During his research, he discovered several new dimensions and authentic details, about prominent Muslims, from all over the world. This is his latest endeavour, a prized one. He has headed a team of researchers, for accomplishing this project. Professionally, he is a full time researcher, he is currently busy with his project: History of Muslims in Asia.


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