Manipur–Past and Present (Vol.1)

Manipur–Past and Present (Vol.1)

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About Manipuri civilization, C.J. Lyall writes, “It was my fortune to visit Manipur only once (in Feb., 1888) during my service in Assam, and I am thus acquainted with the subject chiefly by hearsay. But I have always taken a lively interest in this singular oasis of comparative civilization and organised society”. Lord Irwin called her ‘Switzerland of the East’ and Ethel Grimwood described her as ‘the most beautiful show place of the world’.

Manipuri civilization, known to foreign historians, including Ptolemy, had its origin in a remote State, governed by a Constitution since the 5th century A.D. which was finally moulded into a written form by King Loyyumba in 1100 A.D. The cultural and social system, recorded in not less than 1000 old Meetei scriptures is a living testimony of the rich heritage embodying Meetei sciences, philosophy, Meeteilogy, ethics, aesthetics, various arts like arts of prediction, statecraft, diplomacy, conduct of war, and above all, the universal, casteless Meetei Sanamahi religion.

The present volume, which is the second of the three volume series is a compendium of voluntary contributions of eminent scholars and specialists in their respective fields on the philosophy, culture, art and literature of the multi-faceted civilization of Manipur. Manipur the veritable dreamland and a silent-valley of unrivalled beauty deserves your intellectual journey. The past is very much alive in the present as will be found unfold in the succeeding pages of the book.

Late Dr. Naorem Sanajaoba (30.12.1946-13.12.2009) a renowned human rights defender, active campaigner for eradication of racism, rabid casteism and colonialism in all forms and a Manipurologist in his own right was Professor and Dean of Law Faculty, Gauhati University, Assam .

His major works are Human Rights in the New Millennium (2000) and Rights of Oppressed Nations and Peoples (1996).

His other works–original and edited include Human Rights Principles and Practices (1994), Basic Issues on Centre-State Relations, Manipur Past and Present Volume-I (History, Polity & Law), II (Philosophy, Culture and Literature), III (Nagas and Kuki-Chins), IV (Pan-Manipuris in Asia and Autochthones), Manipur Treaties and Documents (1110-1971) Vol.-1, Law and Society: Strategy for Policy Choice-2001, A Manual of International Humanitarian Law (2004), Human Rights-Current Issues (2004), Manipur-A British Anthology (two vols.) (2004), Manipur Puwaari, and Mee-Oibagee Haq, among others.

He had taken critical legal philosophy and humanitarian laws in his discourses.

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