Manipur: Past & Present (vols.3) — Nagas & Kuki-Chins

Manipur: Past & Present (vols.3) — Nagas & Kuki-Chins

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Manipur is the homeland of the Meeteis in the valley and the Naga as well as Kuki-Chins in the highlands. There are as many as thirty micro-ethnoses or tribes, Many of whom had settled in the state from time immemorial.

The present volume in unique as the most elaborate and comprehensive accounts of all the micro-ethnoses and tribes are brought under a single cover after several painstaking years and most of the accounts have been prepared by the leading experts of the respective ethnoses. The data-base in essentially the primary sources. This work is a live account of the rich ethnic heritage of Manipur hills.

The ethnoses believe that they have emerged out of the cave or, Barrail range or Makhel in Manipur or, from nearby places in Myanmar while tracing their earliest origin from China and Indo-China. The ethnic polity varied from village sovereignty and local democracy to mild authoritarianism. The cultural pluralism has characterisations till Christianity integrated them into the western Christian ethos. The pristine pas is alive in Manipur hills and this volume presents the picture of the past and present live and vividly. The journey is worthwhile, if you start it with page one and end the same with last page.

About the Author

Late Dr. Naorem Sanajaoba (30.12.1946-13.12.2009) a renowned human rights defender, active campaigner for eradication of racism, rabid casteism and colonialism in all forms and a Manipurologist in his own right was Professor and Dean of Law Faculty, Gauhati University, Assam .

His major works are Human Rights in the New Millennium (2000) and Rights of Oppressed Nations and Peoples (1996). His other works–original and edited include Human Rights Principles and Practices (1994), Basic Issues on Centre-State Relations, Manipur Past and Present Volume-I (History, Polity & Law), II (Philosophy, Culture andLiterature), III (Nagas and Kuki-Chins),IV (Pan-Manipuris in Asia and Autochthones), Manipur Treaties and Documents (1110-1971) Vol.-1, Law and Society: Strategy for Policy Choice-2001, A Manual of International Humanitarian Law (2004), Human Rights-Current Issues (2004), Manipur-A British Anthology (two vols.) (2004), Manipur Puwaari, and Mee-Oibagee Haq, among others. He had taken critical legal philosophy and humanitarian laws in his discourses.


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