Life, Love and Lift: The Anukul Way

Life, Love and Lift: The Anukul Way

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When God descends to playmortal role, life glows withabundance of love and light.Wonderful and miraculous scenesnaturally unfold to set ourselvesup for growth and success. Thisbook attempts to explore themagic exhibited by the latestincarnate. It is replete withanecdotes, analyzed and assessedthrough contemporary lens andhas parallels drawn to life as itexists today.A life well lived is one withcompleteness and love, and thisbook tries to demonstrate that. Ittakes you through a journey ofself-discovery. You delve head oninto life’s problems and solutionsin the company of a friend; whois none other than God in humanform!It consists of real stories andincidents which subtly bring outdistilled, simple and practicablephilosophy. The episodespresented attempt to closelycapture the turn of events in theincredible life and times of arevered man of our era.

About the Author

DEBESH C. PATRA (b.1961) is intoSri Sri Thakur Anukul Chandra’sculture and discipline for morethan four decades now. He wasinitiated by Ritwikdev SushilRanjan Das (1974). He hasauthored more than hundredpapers and about a dozen bookson the life and ideology of Sri SriThakur Anukul Chandra. Most ofhis works are available, he is Chief GeneralManager in Bharat PetroleumCorporation, Mumbai. A Masterin ‘Economics’ from UtkalUniversity (1983), he holds Ph. Din ‘Petroleum Economics’ fromUniversity of Petroleum andEnergy Studies, Dehradun(2007). He is a ‘Fellow EnergyInstitute’, London. He is author of2 books and 40 papers in the fieldof energy, economics andenvironment.

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