Women Empowerment, Microfinance and Development

Women Empowerment, Microfinance and Development

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Microfinance is the provision of thrift, credit and other financial services and products of very small amounts to the poor women for enabling them to raise their income levels and improve their living standards. The informal and flexible service offered to low income women borrowers for meeting their modest consumption and livelihood needs have not only made microfinance movement grow at a rapid pace across the word, but in turn has also impacted the lives of millions of poor women positively.

The book indentifies the factors leading to emergence of women self help groups- the best practices for enterprise promotion, problem faced in utilizing microcredit, opportunities missed by them in-depth understanding of the impact of saving and credit groups in terms of changes in knowledge and skill levels to avail credit, ability to manage funds, their capability to take financial marketing decisions and enhancement of leadership qualities. The book contains firsthand account, of over hundredforty SHG women in rural areas.

They have faced a lot of problem at initial stage in accessibility to credit, saving and marketing of their product. But gradually by the support of micro credit service system they can able to overcome their hurdles in life and got a way a hope towards their sustainability.

The genius of microfinance has innovative ideas like group lending, peer pressure that have made it possible to provide financial services to women previously thought to be “un-bankable” But behind these innovative ideas are a set of complicated tradeoffs and partnership between various development agencies. This book explores the possibilities of strengthening such joint endeavors thereby facilitating empowerment a testimony to the strength, resilience and spirit of poor women and their voices in overcoming hurdles. The unrestrained voices deserve the attention not only scholars and academics but also Government NGOs, International Institutions, Business communicative and civil society across the worlds.  


Dr. Aliva Mohanty (b. 1967) is presently working as a faculty in School of women’s Studies, Utkal University, Bhubaneswar. She is teaching and guiding P.G . and Ph.D students of Utkal University since 2001. Her keen interest and dedication in developing interdisciplinary research reflects her expertise on gender issues. She has contributed many papers in National and International journals and presented papers in many conferences. She is actively associated for the cause of women development and their empowerment.

Dr. Silpi Prusty (b. 1965), a Masters in History and a Doctorate in Women Studies at Utkal University, is presently working as the Vice chairperson of SAI International School, Bhubaneswar. She believes in being a lifelong learner. She has also undertaken special training in child psychology and innovative teaching – learning methods that lead to ensuring completeness in development, pruning any lopsidedness, with expertise. She is always willing to explore and learn new concepts. She has completed Continuous Professional Development Program by the British Council, UK, a Programon Making Learning Visible at Harvard School of Education, USA, a course on Early Childhood Education Sector, which involved learning and networking experience for Global Educators at the Asian International College, Singapore. She has also received a commendation for Global Teacher Accreditation Award (GTA) by the British Council, UK. She has presented papers on Microfinance and Sustainability of SHGs-coping poverty alleviation and gender equality’ in the National Conference on Financial sector: Contemporary Issues at the IBS. She is the most cherished connecting vital link between the students, faculty and the management.


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