Urban Studies: A Select Bibliography

Urban Studies: A Select Bibliography [Without Jkt]

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This book attempts a detailed survey of the contributions to urban studies. It reveals the relative importance of various aspects of urbanization taken up in the urban studies in

India and abroad. Modern urban growth leads to the formation and accelerated development of more complex system of towns. The urban way of life is extending to more and more regions and creating conditions for the growth of multilateral contacts for radical changes and for higher social mobility. Being a complex process closely connected with the scientific-technological revolution, urbanization exercises a growing influence on all aspects of society?s life. thus, the study of urbanization requires a comprehensive approach involving many disciplines. We have tried to screen the materials relating to several disciplines involved in urban studies. An exhaustive survey of census and gazetteer publications has also been done. An indispensible reference tool which covers almost all the facets of urban studies, this work will be of immense help to those involved in the study of urbanization.

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