Socio-Economic Scenario of Agricultural Labourers

Socio-Economic Scenario of Agricultural Labourers

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Agricultural labourers constitute the largest chunk of the labour force. The book is a result of deep research and empirical survey done by Dr. Punam, P.G. Department of Economics for improving the Socio-economic conditions of agricultural labourers who are mostly landless and whose working and living conditions are miserable. The present work is very successful attempt to review and critically examine the socio-economic scenario of agricultural labourers with special reference to Patna district. All important aspects relating to agricultural labourers have been critically analysed.

In the concluding part the author has put forth concrete and valuable suggestions to improve the socio-economic conditions of agricultural labours. The study underlines the need to enforce the land reform programme, to streamline the public distribution system of essential commodities, to strengthen
co-operative movement and various employment opportunity programmes, etc. so that they will enhance the socio-economic status of agricultural labourers. Further, it will improve the position of agriculture on the one hand and over all development of Bihar on the other hand. It is hoped that the policy makers, planners, researchers and administrators would find the book highly useful. It will prove a treasure in all the libraries as it contain all aspects of agricultural labourers.


Punam (b. 1964) obtained her B.A. (Hons.), M.A. and Ph.D. degrees from Patna University. She has a brilliant academic career having obtained first class throughout her academic pursuit. Besides, since the beginning of her career she has a strong aptitude for research. Her papers on various economic issues have been published in different reputed journals. She has participated in various seminars, conferences and workshops. She worked as Assistant liaison officer of Magadh University. Presently, she is in the Department of Economics, College of Commerce, (Magadh University), Patna. Besides, she is also programme officer of National Service Scheme, College of Commerce, Patna. Dr. Punam has had the honour of being elected/nominated as a Member of many academic institutions. She was also one of the Experts of appointment committee, a member of Inspection Committee, an observer for conducting examinations and a member of Executive Committee of College of Commerce Teacher’s association. Currently, she is member, Board of Directors of Patliputra College of Pharmacy, Patna, Member, Board of Directors of Birsa Dental College Jamshedpur.

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