Politics of Regionalism in North-East India

Politics of Regionalism in North-East India

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This book ‘Politics of Regionalism in North East India’ consist of 11 articles varying from the role of regional parties in India to student’s politics as well as insurgency. Although there are some articles focusing on regional politics in India, it focuses particularly the autonomous movement in the state of Mizoram. The movement for greater autonomy and separate statehood among the hill district councils of Assam state are the main political activities during the late 1950s. Each hill districts are engaged in such politics. Mizo District, previously known Lushai Hills was one of the districts of Assam and put under the District Superintendent during the colonial period. The Mizo also demand greater autonomy, separate Mizo state and moreover independence status. Therefore, the present volume discusses about the political movements in north east India particularly focusing on the autonomy movements among some of the hill tribes of north east India. 

Malsawmliana (b. 1976), the Editor of this book obtained his MA (Ancient Indian History) from NEHU, Shillong (2000) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) from NEHU in 2011. Currently, he is working as Assistant Professor in the Department of History, Government T. Romana College, Aizawl. He has published a number of research papers in Journals and contributed chapters/articles in edited books. Besides, he edited ‘Social, Economic and Political History of the Mizo’ published by Eastern Book House, Guwahati in 2011. He also published two books in Mizo language i.e. ‘South Sabual Chanchin (2002) and ‘Thuziak Thlankhawm’ (2002).

Lalsangzela Pachuau (b. 1977), one of the Editors of this book, obtained his MA degree from MS University of Baroda, Vadodara in 1999, and M Phil degree from Madurai Kamaraj University, Chennai in 2007. He is presently working as Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science, Government T. Romana College, Aizawl.

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