North-East India - Emerging Issues of Development

North-East India - Emerging Issues of Development

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North-Eastern region is economically at subsistence level, one of the lowest levels of capital formation due to lack of industrial and agricultural development and low level of resource utilization. The geographical constraints, bad communication network, limited cultivable land, poor irrigation facilities, traditional low productive jhum cultivation, lack of infrastructure are some of the major causes of economic backwardness of the region. In this perspective, the present volume attempts to examine various aspects of development in the region.Taking a close look at the issues, the contributors discuss at length the geography, development and spatial inequality, loss of forest cover and deforestation, look east policy, women participation on SHG-bank linkage programme, microfinance and women empowerment and education, agricultural and health infrastructure, material well-being, rural development and education, educational institutes and their influence on the socio-economic development of the surrounding rural areas with special focus on Assam and Mizoram.


Harendra Sinha (b.1968) obtained his MA (Political Science) and Ph.D. degrees from Gauhati University, Guwahati, Assam. He is presently working as Associate Professor in Political Science, Government J. Buana College Lunglei, Mizoram. He has authored the books “Bureaucracy and Rural Development in Mizoram”, “Empowerment of Women in North-East India” (eds.), “Decentralization and Rural Development in North-East India” (eds.), “Health and Development in North-East India” (ed), “Development Constraints in North-East India” (ed) “Women in North-East India” (eds) “Women in Mizo Society” (eds.), “People and Health in North-East India” (ed) and contributed number of research papers, regularly contributes papers in edited books, national and international journals and present papers at seminars.

Marie Zodinpuii (b. 1976) obtained her M.A. (Public Administration) degree from Aizawl Campus, North-Eastern Hill University. She is working as Assistant Professor, Government J. Buana College, presently attached in Government Hrangbana College, Aizawl. She has a brilliant academic record with 2nd Position in HSLC Examination in 1992 from Mizoram School Board and First Class First Position (Gold Medallist) in M.A. She has contributed number of research papers and regularly contributes papers in edited books, attend and present papers at seminars and workshops. Her interest is on personnel, rural and Indian administration.  

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