Manipur: Past & Present: The Ordeals and Heritage of A Civilization (4 Volumes)

Manipur: Past & Present: The Ordeals and Heritage of A Civilization (4 Volumes)

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Manipur: Past & Present: History, Polity & Law (Vol.1)
Manipur: Past & Present: Philosophy, Culture & Literature (Vol.2)
Manipur: Past & Present: Nagas & Kuki-Chins (Vol.3)
Manipur: Past and Present (Volume 4)

Historical explosions led the Manipuris to spread over in Mayanmar, Bangladesh (East Pakistan), Indian states of Tripura, Cachar and central districts of Assam and even to Nabadwip enclave in West Bengal. Manipuri diaspora are retaining their language, culture and heritage. They face uphill task to retain this culture due to Burmanisation of ethnic groups in myanmar. Manipuris are accustomed to speak and write Bengali in Tripura and Assamese in Assam respectively. MPP-IV dwells upon pan Manipuris in Asia and the Manipuri indigenous people. Part III of the volume incorporates the native people and archaeology. As many as 140 coloured photographs and a dozen sketches inside enrich the contents and the context. Survival of the Manipuris after Burmese holocaust in 19th century is a classic case in history. The introduction narrates the story. The trajectory of civilization of people of Manipur and the Manipuris in Asia is depicted in the four volumes. Manipurologists and scholars would find the time-travel through the pages interesting, information and reflective.


Dean Naorem Sanajaoba (b. 1945), Professor and Dean of Law Faculty, University of Gauhati, Assam is a renowned human rights defender, active campaigner for eradication of racism, rabid casteism and colonialism in all forms and a Manipurologist in his own right. His major works are Human Rights in the New Millennium (2000) and Rights of the Oppressed Nations and Peoples (1996). His other works- original and edited include Human Rights Principles and Practices (1994), Basic Issues on Centre-State Relations, Manipur Past and Present Volume – I (History & Politics), II (Culture, Language and Religion), III (Manipuri Nagas and Kuki-Chins), IV (Pan –Manipuris in South Asia), A Manual of International Humanitarian Law (2004), Human Rights-Current Issues (2004), Manipur-A British Anthology (two vols.) 2004, Manipur Puwaari, and Mee-Oibagee Haq, among others. He takes on critical legal philosophy and humanitarian laws in his discourses.

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