Indian Banking System (6 Parts)

Indian Banking System (6 Parts)

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The banking sector plays an important role in the mobilization of the deposits and disbursement of credit to various sectors of the economy. Technology deregulation, disintermediation and securitization are the major forces producing ripples in the industry. The banking scenario in India is changing fast to keep pace with the international banking practice. Today banks have become a part and parcel of our life. Banks cater to the need of agriculturalists, industrialists, traders and to all the other sections of the society. Thus the banking system accelerates the economic growth of the country and steer the wheels of the economy. Banking sector plays a vital role in the economic development of a country. There has been a rapid development in the banking institutions in the past few decades. With the development of banking institutions various systems of banking have come into existence. Banks have to perceive financial inclusion as a commitment as well as an opportunity. The Indian banking system has been reltively in good health. Balance sheet of the banks appear healthy and little affected by the unsettled conditions of financial markets. The asset quality and soundness parameters of the Indian banking sectors have improved significantly in the recent period.

The present book “Indian Banking System” has dealt with clarity, the various implication of Indian Banking system. This volume of books 122 incorporates articles/research papers contributed by scholars who belong to different Universities, Colleges and Institutions. The contributors have presented their views analytically are connected with the different aspects of Indian banking system. The papers contributed for this volume have been grouped in different sections such as -

Section I: Modern Banking,
Section II: Agriculturaland Rural Banking,
Section III: Mobile Banking,
Section IV: Islamic Banking,Insurance Sector,
Section VII: Management of Non-Performing Assets.

Surely this book will be quite useful for policy makers, researchers, academicians, bankers, NGOs and all those who directly or indirect are connected with Indian Banking System.

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