Head-Hunters Culture  - Historic Culture of Nagas

Head-Hunters Culture - Historic Culture of Nagas

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Head-hunters culture is a historic culture of a mongoloid race-the Nagas, inhabiting the hilly regions in North East India and western border of Myanmar, migrated from South East Asian countries in ages past, who came in search of food in the process of hunting. These tribes chop of the head of their victims in battle and carry them home as trophies to appease their god on the belief that the soul matters resides in the human head which increases fertility of men, cattle, crop and luck in hunting in addition to proof bravery and valour as head hunterto received recognition, fame and status in the society. The various components of the culture and modeof life of the traditional Naga society have been described in brief.

The book will help students, teachers,researchers, missionaries and general readers who hunts materials on comprehensive information on the Naga head-hunters.


JOSEPH S. THONG, (b. 1956), obtained Master of Arts in Anthropology from NEHU, Shillong (1983). Served as Headmaster, Christian School Tseminyu, Government Middle School Jalukie, Punglwza and Sendenyu. President, Secretary and Treasurer under R.S.U. and C.R.B.C. Recipient of the “Super Intellectual Award” AIMC, New Delhi (1998),
Director, Compilation Centre for Psychophysical Research, Tseminyu-797109, Nagaland, New Delhi.

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