Hazard Ecology  Approaches and Techniques

Hazard Ecology Approaches and Techniques

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Land is a primary resource and its utilization has always been the focal theme in understanding the historical development of various civilizations in the world. Increasing the load of the billions of population, the importance of studies and research on land utilization have become an urgent need to reduce the regional imbalances in development and to attain the sustainable development through the enhancement, in global food security and human habitations. It is well-known fact that whole land available in the world is not suitable for utilization. Hence, it is visualized that how land can be put to its proper use according to its potential and capability. Analysis of the Utilization and management of land resources in the world is very much necessary because it ensures the best possible advantages of land in an enduring manner to its people. Therefore, it is believed that land resource show a reciprocal relationship between the prevailing ecological conditions and men in a particular region. This book is an outcome of the valuable contributions made by eminent scientists and research scholars who have been striving to develop alternative strategies, solutions and models for sustainable development of land resources through research, screening, monitoring and experiments varying from regional to global level. This edition would be of immense use to the policy-makers, environmentalists, ecologists, academician research scholars and people in general concerned with land resources ecology and environment


B.W. Pandey (b. 1967) received his M.Phil and Ph.D. degree in Geography from Delhi School of Economics, Department of Geography, University of Delhi. He is currently Associate Professor of Geography in Shaheed Bhagat Sing Evening College, University of Delhi. He has to his credit 4 books and 35 research papers published in books and Journals of repute. He has received Young Geographers Award of NAGI (2000), Host and Travel Grant from United Nations University (UNU), Tokyo and International Geographical Union (IGU) 1996 and 2000. He has also received UNESCO Paris Young Scientist Financial Grant, 2001. He has received Shastri Fellowship of Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) for the project on hazard zone mapping in British Columbia, Canada in 1995. He has widely traveled and attended International Conferences and delivered Lectures in Hong Kong, Nepal, U.K., Netherlands, Japan, South Korea, France, Germany, Sweden and USA. Dr. Pandey has specialization in Environmental Studies National Resources Management and Disaster Management. He is Convener of the NAGI Commission on Natural Resources and Hazard Management and Secretary of Indian Institute of Geographers (IIG).

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