Emerging Issues in Management

Emerging Issues in Management

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The “Issues of Management” has different dimensions and spread over the all spectrum of human life. It cannot be isolated in one area of business or particular activity. The modern management education was started in India way back in 1950s, and the various issues were taken by the management people to solve the problem or better managed the issue in hand. In spite of its recent growth and popularity, one can trace for centuries evidence of the business community’s concern for various issues and its solution provided for solving these problems by the social scientist and business researchers. The field of Management is dynamic in nature. New tools and techniques are continually being introduced to improve the efficiency, productivity, and profitability of any organization as well as in society. All over the world organizations and their departments, functions, or groups use Management methodologies, which include problem solving techniques and guidelines for various related activities. In this book emphasis has been given to solve various problems of management including corporate governance, organizational climate, financial inclusion, social marketing & social enterprise, public distribution system, value chain analysis, event management and agribusiness management and other related issues of management. The discussion and conclusions drawn in the book by the contributors would be immense help for students of management, commerce, economics, business, researchers, managers, entrepreneurs, social scientists and administrator in the field as well as policy formulation by concern authorizes.

AMIT KUMAR SINGH (b. 1973) is assistant professor in the department of Management, Mizoram University, Aizawl. He got his education from BHU, Varanasi, VBS PU Jaunpur and IIM Ahmedabad. He has published 2 books and more than 35 research papers in International/National journals and edited books and also presented/delivered lecture in more than 50 seminar/ workshop/conferences. He also served as member of different academic bodies like BOS, School Board, Academic Council (as Head i/c), etc. Currently he is in the advisory board of 12 International journals. Dr. Singh is also working as Japan International Co-operation Agency (JICA) service consultant for department of Forest, Government of Mizoram.

BIDHU KANTI DAS (b. 1977) Ph. D, MBA, M. Com, PGDIBO, is currently working as Assistant Professor at Department of Management, Mizoram University, Aizawl. He has a teaching experience of more than 9 years and 3 years experiences in industry. His area of Research Interest includes Corporate Social Responsibility, International Business, and Modern Management. Prior to Joining Mizoram University, he served Tripura University, Agartla and Icfai University, Agartala. He has published one book sole authored by him and 8 Articles in International/ National Journal also written Six Chapters in knowledge base books. He attended approximately 25 national & international Seminars?and presented papers. He also delivered lectures in different organization at national and International level. He also served as member of different academic bodies like Bos, School Board in Mizoram University, Aizawl.

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