Biological Stress and Its Management

Biological Stress and Its Management

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About the Book

The Biological Stress and its Management is the result of studies and investigations carried out by the Authors and their Team of Scientists. An attempt has been made to discuss the stress due largely to adverse environmental factors which human beings have to face in day to day life. The emphasis is on the stress management using “Adaptogens” in addition to other modalities. The book is in two parts. The first part deals with Stress, in general. The ‘Story of Adaptive Medicine around the World’ ‘Biological Stress, how it affects the organisms’ ‘Animal  Models for Assessment of Stress and Evaluation of Adaptogenic Substances’ ‘Oxidative injury due to Stress and Stress induced disorders’  and ‘Stress and Its Management by various available tools and technologies’ to manage stress have been discussed. Adaptogens’ the natural substances mostly of herbal origin are the hall marks of the tools discussed for environmental stress management. In the second part of the book, various environmental factors causing stress have been discussed individually. These are; Cold, Heat, Hypoxia and High Altitude, Space, Hyperbaria and Noise. These have been discussed with reference to stress induced disorders and how to manage them. It is hoped that the information provided in the book will be useful to the students, researchers and health professionals to understand stress, its effects and management.

About the Author

Kaushal K. Srivastava, is Chairman of the Committee for New Drug Developmentand member of other committees of Central Council for Research in Ayurveda, Ministry of Ayush, Govt. of India. He has been the Professor Emeritus at B.R. Ambedkar Centre for Biomedical Research, Delhi University, Emeritus Scientist of Defence Research and Development Organisation, Ministry of Defence, Government of India, Director, Directorate of Biomedical Sciences (DBAS), DRDO and Director (Projects) at Defence Institute of Physiology & Allied Sciences at New Delhi.

Ratan Kumar, a research Biochemist with expertise in a diverse range of disciplines related to adaptation in adverse climatic conditions and stress management, was Additional Director & Head of Biochemistry Department at Defense Institute of Physiology & Allied Sciences, Ministry of Defense, Delhi. He has been a member of the team working on Biological Stress and its Management for more than 35 years. His major discovery relates to the genetic markers for high altitude pulmonary susceptibility in lowlanders.


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