Agricultural Land Use and Ground Water Resources

Agricultural Land Use and Ground Water Resources

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About the Book

Water is a vital for life and health of all people and essential part of any ecosystem both in quantitative and qualitative terms. Since the birth of human civilization people have moved to settle close to it. Water and land has played a critical role in every aspect of human activity. Land-use is the human use of land. These two resources are essential to meet a multiplicity and variety of human needs and to serve numerous diverse purposes. They have a great potential to improve living conditions and well-beings of the masses living in urban and rural areas both.

The purpose of the selected theme is very important from the point of view of interlinking land-use change with groundwater resource, by analysing the effect of land-use change on groundwater. As a study area for this study few sites of Narela Tehsil is selected, which is also called as rural Delhi. Therefore, this research work focuses on changes in agricultural practices in effect of green revolution. An attempt has been made to identify land-use change during a decade (2001-2010) along with this attempt has also been made about changes in cropping pattern, sources of irrigation, fertilizer consumption, impact of tube-well irrigation on water-level, prime factors of fall in water-table. Purpose of this theme is also to analyse the quality of groundwater aquifer by its physico-chemical analysis, and about health of native people, whose prime source of drinking water is groundwater of five selected sites.

About the Author

Priti Kumari (b. 1982) has completed her M. Phil work in 2011, now she has submitted her Ph.D. thesis in the Department of Geography, Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi. Her area of specialisation is groundwater resources. She has been working in this field for many years. Her Ph.D research work is on ‘Dynamics of Agricultural Development and Groundwater Degradation in South Ganga-Sone Divide, Bihar’. Many research papers have been presented and published by her on groundwater resources in leading national and international journals. She is life member of different academic associations.

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