Accounting and Auditing

Accounting and Auditing

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In to-day’s ‘hi-tech’ competitive world of real business, Accounting and Auditing have assumed critical significance. The venture has been designed to meet a long felt needs. It provides a comprehensive material on the subject. The volume is a compendium of papers contributed by the distinguished personalities, researchers academicians, consultants and so on. The volume focuses upon the given below aspects:—Social Accounting in Public Undertakings, Cost Accounting in Public Sector Banks, Human Resource, Accounting in Public Undertakings, Environmental Accounting and Reporting, Inflation Accounting Practices in  Public  Undertakings, Government Accounting, Zero Based Budgeting, Activity Based Costing, Accounting under Income Tax Act, Leasing Accounting, Joint Venture Accounting, Audit Control Agencies Exercise over Public Enterprise, Fraud Detection and Audit in Banks, Audit Committee, Secretarial Auditing, Rotation of Auditors, Environmental Audit, Audit in Computerised Environment, Digital Auditing of Digital Firm, Social Audit : An Overview.

Sawalia Bihari Verma got through Master degree in ‘Commerce’ and ‘Economics’ as well as Bachelor Degree in Law from Bihar University, Muzaffarpur. He was awarded Ph.D. degree from Patna University, Patna, and also D. Litt. degree from University of Allahabad. He was Reader at Nagaland (Central) University, Kohima, and Lecturer at HNB Garhwal University, Garhwal. At present, he is Professor of Commerce, SNS College, Muzaffarpur, Bihar University, Muzaffarpur and Visiting Faculty at Many Universities/Institutions. He was granted a major project UGC sponsored and also Teacher Visiting Associate. He has extensively published a number of research papers in leading academic journals and contributed a number of papers in National and International Seminars-cum-conferences. He is a Life Member of National Academic Bodies, He is a renowned author/editor of a number of outstanding Research Books. He has throughout Meritorious Career and a National Fellow.

Mahesh Kumar, got through B.Tech. from Army Institute of Technology, Pune; and M.B.A. from Bihar University, Muzaffarpur. He participated in many National Seminars, U.G.C. Sponsored. He is under J.R.F. (UGC) in Management.

S.V. Pathak received M.Com and D. Phil degree from University of Allahabad, Allahabad. He is Professor at University Department of Commerce, DDU Gorakhpur University, Gorakhpur. He has contributed many papers in leading journals and conferences. Prof. S.V. Pathak is a dynamic personality in Commerce.

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