Sociology  - Perception and Conception

Sociology - Perception and Conception

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The book “Sociology: Perception and Conception” is not an introductory, in the conventional sense of the term, on the subject matter and theories of the discipline. It presents, in a quiz-like format, the leading perceptions and ideas of those colossal figures (pre-classical, classical, modern and post-modernity) in the Sociological Hall of Fame.
It has been perceived, conceived and presented in the present format with the ardent hope that this will be of some help to those who wants to develop a sociological mind.


Rajendra Kshetri (b. 1959) is Associate Professor at the Department of Sociology, Nagaland University, a Central University established by an act of parliament. He was the Head of the Department for more than seven years and was an Expert Consultant to the Ministry of Municipal Administration Housing and Urban Development, Government of Manipur. A Life Member of the Indian Sociological Society, he is the author of “The Emergence of Meetei Nationalism”, “District Councils in Manipur Formation and Functioning” and several other scholarly and popular articles.

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