Social Structure and Economic Development by Ajit kumar Singh

Social Structure and Economic Development by Ajit kumar Singh

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This book probes the issue of the interaction between social structure and economic development in India. It contains sixteen papers which have been arranged in three sections. The first section contains five papers dealing with the theme of human development and social sectors. The papers examine the inter-linkages between economic growth and human development in the state of U.P. The issues related to education and health sector receive special attention.

The second section probes the relationship between economic development and social structure. The analysis reveals that the development process of the past fifty years has done little to change the hierarchical caste order of the rural society in terms of economic and social conditions.

The third section of the volumes deals with the issues related to the weaker sections like rural agricultural labour, child labour. Rickshaw pullers and women workers. The papers also anylyse the comparative socio-economic condition of different castes and Muslims in rural U.P.

The book would be of interest to economists and sociologists interested in the social and economic development of various sections in India as well as to the policy makers and social activists working on the welfare of the weaker sections.

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