Readings on Constructivism: Areas of Practice and Way Forward in Teaching-learning

Readings on Constructivism: Areas of Practice and Way Forward in Teaching-learning

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This book is a comprehensive study on constructivism approach of teaching and learning. Many reforms have taken place in the last decade and Indian system of education is geared towards paradigm shift of Education. The conventional system of education is rejected due to lack in the process of education. The teacher centered classroom has been outdated. The process is more important than product of learning. Various commissions and committees, great thinkers in the field of education have out rightly suggested making learning joyful for the children. Therefore, an attempt is being taken to build a sense of teaching-learning through shifting into constructivism approach. It will be useful book for the students, teacher educators, and trainers in the field of teaching of any school subjects, researchers of social sciences, managers and mentors of pedagogical practices. 

Biswajit Behera (b. 1970) is now working as an Asst. Professor in Department of Education at School of Education, Central University of Punjab, Bathinda. He has 20 years of teaching experience in school Education as well as in Teacher Education. His Educational Qualifications are M.Sc in Mathematics, M.Ed, M.Phil in Education, PG Diploma in Higher Education, Online Certificate course in Action Research on Educational Technology, NET (UGC) in Education and Ph.D in Education from CASE, The M.S.University of Baroda.

He has extensive experience in the delivery of support services for teaching-learning of Mathematics and Science subjects. He has been involved in consultancy work for school teaching-learning process through Constructivism Approach.

He has authored nine chapters in different edited books on the subject of ICT, Teacher Education, Inclusive Education and Action Research. There are 19 publications in National and International social science journals to his credit. He has exposed to 32 National and International Seminars / conferences through his presentation of research and thematic papers.

His specialization subjects are Mathematics Education, Science Education, Action Research, Educational Technology, Teacher Education, Higher Education, Advanced Educational psychology, early child Education and Evaluation in Teaching. His special interest related to Teaching and Research pertains towards Constructivism Approach of Learning.

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