Primal Religions: An Introduction by Bendas D.S.

Primal Religions: An Introduction by Bendas D.S.

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Religion is a universal trait in all cultures around the world. There have been hundreds of religions since the origin of humanity. The most common classification of religions into classical, established, and developed religions as one category and primal religions as another category is not a new phenomenon in academia. But more than a category, primal religions stand at a particular point in their evolutionary development.

The contribution of religion to the conditioning of culture and community is immense in the initial stages of its growth, i.e., when it is a primal religion. When it grows into a more developed stage, its influence on the culture and community comes down, though it never ceases. There are so many interesting facts about primal religions across the globe. It will be wondrous to realize that even in their developed stage, they retain many of their primal characteristics.

There are so much unique to primal religions in common and in particular. To ponder each primal religious tradition in depth is a herculean task. So in this book, we see some of the major characteristics, elements, and practices that are common. This book will help the students of Anthropology, and Religions in their pursuits of the religions of the primal communities.

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