Multidisciplinary Approaches to Human Rights

Multidisciplinary Approaches to Human Rights

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The book titled ‘Multidisciplinary Approaches to Human Rights: National and International Dimensions’ is  an attempt to address issues and challenges being confronted at local, national and international levels. The book deals debated topics like gender sensitization,  exploitation of children, ethnicity, migration, terrorism, environmental hazards, organ transplant and host of other issues that have contemporary relevance in the context of human right discourses. Contributors of multidiscipline like law, management, social sciences, humanities, environmental studies, biological sciences  and   several other branches have helped to produce collection of ideas. Large number of academics, environmentalists, Greenpeace advocates, Amnesty International, women organizations and  anti antinuclear movements have shown increasing interest in Human Rights to regenerate the under print of UDHR and thereafter hundreds of covenants and protocols appeared worldwide. Human Rights initiatives appealing led to the foundation of freedom, liberty, equality and justice which became the guiding principles of several democratic institutions and opened winder avenues for interdisciplinary  R&D. Human Rights increasingly became an integral part of syllabi in schools, colleges, universities and NGOs that generated interest  among the legal practitioners, scholars, government officials and even students.


Badruddin holds M.A. Double (Sociology & Political Science), Diploma in Journalism, M.Phil and Ph.D in International Relations from JNU, New Delhi, and is presently working as an Associate Professor in Political Science, PES’s RSN College, Goa, affiliated to Goa University. He has 25 years of teaching experience and was a Long Term Visiting Professor and Chair at Osh State University, Kyrgyzstan deputed by ICCR, New Delhi and a short term ‘Visiting Scholar’ at East China University, Shanghai. He was a visiting faculty, Department of Political Science and Guest Faculty, Academic Staff College, Goa University. He has presented 55 papers in international and national conferences. Some full papers and abstracts were also accepted in Saudi Arabia, Iran, UAE, Turkey, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Russia, Indonesia, Thailand and Hong Kong. He has distinction of publishing 70 research papers, completed two UGC projects and chaired several sessions in international and national conferences in India and abroad. The author delivered public lectures, organized and coordinated national, state, local level seminars and lectures on various themes.

He has also been conferred with Bharat Gaurav Award by India International Friendship Society (IIFS), New Delhi for meritorious services and remarkable role.

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