Livelihoods of Scheduled Castes in Modern India

Livelihoods of Scheduled Castes in Modern India

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There are various facets of issues on Scheduled Castes dealt by different scholars from India and abroad as well. Though existence of such huge volume of work on Scheduled Castes, contemporary and changing dynamics of living standards and livelihoods avenues focusing on rural, urban and rurban context largely absent. Within in this lacuna of literature, it tried to examine most vulnerable aspects of social groups and their economic disparities in India and Telangana state in specific. Issues on Scheduled Castes were addressed from sociological understanding to India’s constitutional perspective then their livelihoods. Further, livelihoods as an important aspect was detailed from conceptual point of view to structural understanding in relation to the Scheduled Castes. It brought out based on primary data on trends in income generation and changes in traditional livelihoods and income patterns. This book dealt in structuring five chapters covering general understanding of livelihoods and livelihoods among Scheduled Castes.

The following issues specifically presented in this book: Chapter 1: Introduction on livelihoods and situation of Scheduled Castes, Chapter 2 deals with study area and profile of Scheduled Castes, Chapter 3 presents socio-economic conditions, Chapter 4: livelihoods of scheduled castes and finally Chapter 5 focused on Marginal Livelihoods.

About the Author

Sujatha Surepally is an academician and has temperament of activistivism to understand the society in a depth sense logically and also to construct the facts based on the experimental activism. She currently works as the Principal of the University College of Arts, Social Science and Commerce with the Satavahana University, Karimnagar. She has been teaching Sociology for over 13 years. She has written articles on SEZs, Anti Polavaram Dam movement and Telangana movement. She has been a regular columnist with Janam Sakshi and writes for Telugu dailies and edits a quarterly namely Desi Disha. Her interests are in active participation in the struggles against caste and gender disparity as well as Adivasis rights, environmental issues, natural resources and Telengana. Two pieces published in Huffington Post. She holds a Masters in Sociology and has done her Ph.D on Dalit Women’s Empowerment. She has published four books on Telangana issues of which one is joint authored book on Polepally SEZ.

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