Higher Education in India - Scenario and Challenges

Higher Education in India - Scenario and Challenges

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Presently, India has one of the largest systems of higher education in the country, with more than 700 universities, 37,000 colleges and an enrolment of more than 3 crore students. But unfortunately, the quality of many universities and colleges and the standard of education they provide are far from satisfactory. Though India has made significant progress in terms of enhancing access to and participation in all levels of education, the overall picture of education development is not of high-quality. As such there are many persisting concerns and challenges viz. a viz. access to and participation in education, quality of the education imparted, relating skill with employability, use of ICT tools in education, teacher development and their management, equity in education, system efficiency, governance and management, research and development, financial and global commitment interms of ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities.In the light of above perspective, this book is divided into twenty qualitative research papers spanning over different issues and challenges which higher education in India is facing in the present contemporary globalised world. We hope that the views expressed in this book by learned academicians and scholars about the most recent innovations, trends, and concerns, practical challenges encountered and the solutions adopted in the field of higher education especially in the commerce and management education is expected to be very informative for prospective researchers, academicians, educationists, business schools, subject experts, government representatives, policy makers, practitioners and students.


Seema Bashir (b. 1968) is Associate Professor & Head, Department of Commerce & Management Studies, Islamia College of Science & Commerce (UGC-Autonomous), Srinagar, J & K, India. She has completed Ph.D from the Department of Commerce, Jammu University, Jammu. Having an illustrious teaching experience of over 18 years, she is a recipient of Master Karam Chand Best Teacher Award. She has more than six research papers published in national/international journals. Besides, she has presented a number of research papers on various themes viz.a.viz. Islamic Banking, Higher Education, Information Technology, Entrepreneurship & Finance in national/international conferences. Her current focus of research is Islamic Capital Market & Higher Education.


Mohmed Amin Mir (b. 1982) is Assistant Professor in the Department of Commerce & Management Studies, Islamia College of Science & Commerce (UGC-Autonomous), Srinagar, J & K, India. He has over 7 years experience of teaching finance & accounting. He has completed Doctor of Philosophy from the Department of Commerce, AMU, Aligarh. A prolific writer, Dr. Mohmed Amin has authored a book titled “FDI: A New Perspective on India”. Besides, he has more than one dozen research papers & articles published in national/international journals. Moreover, he has more than 22 research papers spanning over Economics, Higher Education, Entrepreneurship & Finance presented in national/ international seminars/conferences. He is also a recipient of Q.H. Farouqi Fellowship of the Department of Commerce, AMU. His current research areas are Inclusive Finance & Sustainable Development, Disaster Risk Management, Cost of Conflict on J & K economy & various issues arising therefrom.


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