Health and Education of the  Chakma Women In India by Pulak Chandra Devnath

Health and Education of the Chakma Women In India by Pulak Chandra Devnath

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The present book is an outcome of the study of the Chakma communities in India through the primary and secondary sources. In this book, it has been made an attempt to go through the emergence of Health and Education of the Chakmas in India with special focus on women.  Special attempt has been made to look into the Chakmas in North East region of India. Chakma people and their culture and social customs have been discussed in this book. The significant aspect of this book is the analysis of Educational and Health status of the Chakma women in India. Different health related policies, programmes and schemes in India have also been discussed in this book. The book has five chapters. In the first chapter, have been discussed different health issues in India in general. The second chapter deals with the Chakmas in India and their different sects, believes, customs etc. The third chapter deals with the Women health in India. In the fourth chapter, it has been analysed and interpreted the educational and health conditions of the Chakma women in India. The fifth chapter deals with the health challenges, policies and different schemes.

Dr. Pulak Chandra Devnath, M.A. (Education), M.Phil, Ph.D, (NET), has been working as Associate Professor in the Department of  Education, Government Kamalanagar College, Mizoram, India. He has a teaching experience of more than 15 years and published more than 35 research papers and articles in different National and international Journals and chapters contributed in edited books. He has published two books named “Elementary Education in Assam and West Bengal – A Comparative Study” and “Other Backward Classes in India – A Case Study of Assam”. He has also completed two research project sanctioned by UGC and ICSSR to his credit. He has been awarded UGC-IUC, Associateship at Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Rashtrapati Niwas, Shimla. He is also the life member of North East India Education Society, All India Association for Educational Research, The Learning Community, Indian Academy of Social Sciences, Indian Academy of Social Science and Health, Indian Academy of Applied Psychology, Indian Association for Women Studies etc.

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