GENDER, WOMEN AND  SOCIETY  - Mayanglambam Lilee

GENDER, WOMEN AND SOCIETY - Mayanglambam Lilee

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Through various chapters on varied themes written by scholars in the fi eld, the book delves into the intricate dynamics of gender roles and relations across societies, examining the societal constructs that shape them. The comprehensive analysis underscores the signifi cant variations in gender roles between cultures and within different social, political, and economic groups. Among various vital themes, the book accentuates the role of gender sensitization as a pivotal mechanism to assess and promote gender equity and equality. Various challenges related to gender-based discrimination are dissected, and the contributors propose solutions. The book also underscores the effectiveness of gender budgeting as a strategy for achieving gender equality in societies, exploring how budgetary allocations can contribute to addressing gender-specifi c concerns. The content of the book is organized into two main sections. Section I deals with ‘Gender Issues and Society’ mainly exploring the linkages between gender issues and society, including discussions on vulnerability, government schemes, gender inequality, division of labor, and gender budgeting. Section II on ‘Women’s Participation and Society’ focuses on the participation of women in different aspects of society, covering topics such as elderly women’s roles, gender stereotypes in education, health issues, economic empowerment, and women’s involvement in sports. This book reinforces the relevance of gender sensitization in addressing the persisting complexities of gender-centric issues, discrimination, division of labor, and inequality. It asserts that fostering awareness from grassroots levels remains a fundamental requirement for achieving societal harmony in the face of evolving challenges related to gender.

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