Gender Issues: Themes & Concerns by Amit Bhowmick & Sourav Madhu Dey

Gender Issues: Themes & Concerns by Amit Bhowmick & Sourav Madhu Dey

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The current edited volume on “Gender Issues: Themes & Concerns” is a compilation of 20 chapters from Academicians and Researchers who have put in their vast knowledge and experiences in making this Volume a source for researchers.

Topics covered:

Many areas of academic research are covered but not limited.

–    Engendering the Gender Concepts

–    Status of Women

–    Women Activism and Social Development

–    Image of Women in Bengali Film

–    Migration & Gender Relation

–    Women & Movement

–    Women & Health, Hygiene, Sanitation, Lifestyle Diseases

–    Early Marriage & Missing Girl-Child

–    Women, Education and Empowerment

–    Women, Advertisement & Television

–    Women Trafficking, Violence and Human Rights

This volume is different and unique in nature, and touches almost all the issues related to the “Gender Issues: Themes & Concerns”.

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Dr. Amit Bhowmick, is presently Post Doctoral Research Fellow and Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology (Head of the Department) in Nur Mohammad Smriti Mahavidyalaya (Affiliated Kalyani University), Murshidabad, West Bengal, and Guest Faculty, Kanyashree University, Nadia, West Bengal. Dr. Bhowmick has been involved in teaching for 15 years and attended several National and International Conferences or Symposia. He has contributed over a dozen articles in journals of national and international repute and authored many outstanding books. He is associated with many national as well as international organizations, chaired various sessions and visited many countries for Academic Purpose.


Dr. Sourav Madhur Dey is Associate Professor & Head of the Department of Sociology, The University of Burdwan. In The University of Burdwan. He is also engaged in teaching in post graduate diploma course in Guidance and Counseling in collaboration with Dept of lifelong learning, and also engaged with Women’s Studies department there. He has presented paper in numerous national and international conferences, the most prominent being his participation in University of Manchester, England in September 2009. He has numerous publications in national and international journals and edited book and he has over 60 publications to his credit. Under his guidance many students are doing their PhD. He is or has been associated with prominent Universities of West Bengal in different capacities. His area of specialization includes Sociology of Medicine & Health, Sociology of Gender and Demography.

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