Gender Empowerment: Approaches and Strategies by Prof. Mahendera Mohan Verma

Gender Empowerment: Approaches and Strategies by Prof. Mahendera Mohan Verma

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Gender empowerment refers to empowerment of people of any gender, i.e., men, women and the trans-genders, etc. Women, who form about one-half of the human race, have been endowed by Nature with no lesser abilities, competencies, and qualities than men. Even then, due to the prevailing patriarchal, patrilineal, and patrilocal social system, they have been facing historical subjugation, subordination, and discrimination. The male dominated socio-cultural structures have created values, norms and practices that have perpetuated gender inequity, inequality, and injustice. The ultimate goal of gender empowerment is to promote gender equity and equality in order to bridge the existing gender gaps in status, roles and opportunities.

Despite the numerous global efforts, gender inequalities continue to persist. Under SDG-2030, Goal -5 specially pertains to gender equality. Again, Goal -10 pertains to reduction of inequalities (which includes gender inequality). The democratic governance in India, though, seems to be a guarantee to the fullest application of the provisions of CEDAW, a big gap is visible between the rhetoric and reality.

This volume analyzes the various issues, facts, policies, dimensions, strategies, approaches, and the progress as well as pitfalls in the arena of gender empowerment.

The book would be beneficial to the academics, administrators, NGOs, gender activists, researchers, students, planners, politicians and all those, who are in any way associated with the struggle for bringing gender equality and justice in society.

Prof. Mahendra Mohan Verma (b.1964) is a product of the University of Lucknow. He obtained his Doctoral Degree in Social Work in 1990. He is a senior Professor at the Faculty/Department of Social Work, Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapeeth, Varanasi (India). Prior to joining the current university in 2006, he had been working as Associate Professor at the Udaipur School of Social Work, Janardan Rai Nagar Rajasthan Vidyapeeth (Deemed) University, Udaipur (Rajasthan).

The other books by Prof. Verma include (i) ‘Tribal Development in India’ published in 1996 by Mittal Publications, New Delhi; (ii) ‘Family Benefit Progammes and Tribal Development’ published in 2007 by Mahabeer & Sons Publications, New Delhi; (iii) ‘Empowerment of Weaker Sections in India: Perspectives and Approaches’ published in 2011 by Serials Publications, New Delhi; and (iv) ‘Women Empowerment: Perspectives and Dimensions’ published in 2017 by Serials Publications, New Delhi.

He has also successfully carried out three research studies apart from publishing about 32 quality papers/articles in reputed international/national journals, magazines and newspapers and around 42 chapters in edited volumes.

Apart from working as the University spokesman for around eight years, Prof. Verma is currently working as Co-ordinator, RUSA; and Director, IQAC.

In his academic pursuits, he has visited Sweden, Germany, Finland, Denmark, and the neighboring Nepal. Apart from being Consultant to ICSSR and IGNOU, he has also been associated with such reputed institutes as IIPS, Bombay; IIM, Lucknow; IIHMR, Jaipur; and GIDS, Lucknow and the professional organizations as ASSWI, NAPSWI, IAEA, NIPM, QCFI, ISGS, IASSI, and Yugdhara. Prof. Verma is the Founder/Director of the KISWADA, Varanasi.

Prof. Verma was conferred the Yuvpratibha Samman by the Akhil Bhartiya Vidvat Parishad in 2011; Sikshak Samman for Outstanding Performance by the Uttar Pradesh Congress Committee in 2021; Award for Outstanding Role in Implementation of New Education Policy by the Government of U.P. in 2021; and Dr. Ambedkar Distinguished Service National Award 2022 by Bhartiya Dalit Sahitya Academy, New Delhi.

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