Financial Performance of Fruit Processing Industry

Financial Performance of Fruit Processing Industry

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Fruit and vegetable processing is one of the core segments of food processing. Fruits are highly perishable in nature and seasonal in production. In India as well as in West Bengal different varieties of fruits are produced in different agro-climatic zones. But in spite of huge surplus of fresh fruits over consumption only a small portion of the fruits are preserved and processed. Government has considered fruit processing as a promising industry sector and various schemes have been adopted for its development. Thus there are immense scopes for investment in fruit processing sector and development of rural livelihoods. In this book, besides providing an overview of fruit processing sector in India, the author has made an attempt to investigate into the financial performance of the existing fruit processing units of West Bengal to understand the portability and financial viability of selected fruit processing units, considering varied sizes and ownership patters, of West Bengal. Impact of different financial and non-financial factors on financial performance of the selected units has also been explored. This book will be of an immense help to the investors and financial institutions for taking investment decision in fruit processing sector and policy makers for formulating appropriate policies for development of fruit processing industry. This book is also expected to be useful to the academicians and researchers to get appropriate information in the domain of fruit processing industry and to explore new areas of research.


Dr. Madhab Kumar Biswas (b.1971) is at present an Associate Professor of Commerce at Dukhulal Nibaran Chandra College, Aurangabad, Murshidabad, West Bengal. Earlier, he was an Assistant Professor of Balarampur College, Purulia, West Bengal. He completed his Master Degree from the University of Calcutta in 1994. He was awarded Ph. D. Degree by the University of Kalyani in 2019. Dr.Biswas has also presented
academic papers in various national and International seminars and his research works were published in different journals edited books. 

Dr. Sudipta Sarkar (b.1970) has 20 years of long and rich experience in teaching and research. He is presently works as Assistant Professor of Rural Development Studies in the University of Kalyani. He earned his Bechelo’sMaster’s Degree in Commerce
and also Master’s Degree in Social Work. He completed his doctoral research from the Department of Commerce, University of Kalyani, West Bengal, India. He has also conducted UGC Major Research Project and various field based research project
on social sector. Dr.Sarkar has also presented academic papers in various national and International seminars and his research works were published in different journals.

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