Epidemics in India: A Journey of Experiences- Past, Present and Future by Gouri Srivastava

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This book Epidemics in India traces the trajectory of known diseases acquiring the shape of a pandemic in the past and the present. The preventive measures for combating communicable and non communicable disease have had an interesting journey of researches and invention that has led to its eradication.  Few diseases have resurfaced and have made this field porous for undertaking more researches from inter-disciplinary perspectives. The book highlights themes drawn from the historical past on epidemics before and after the colonial rule, gendered history of medicine, contemporary scenario with a futuristic perspective in combating them, and adopting a holistic and multidisciplinary approach. Its raises pertinent questions on the rise of new diseases as a result of human activities vis-a vis nature, management of resources with due consideration to environment, its preservation and conservation, waste management and concerns of health and hygiene. The work is evolving in nature, encouraging the reader to explore new ways for making survival of humanity a crucial issue to engage with.

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