Enabling Writing Through Reading by Ruth Z Hauzel

Enabling Writing Through Reading by Ruth Z Hauzel

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As a result of the developments in language teaching methods and an increasing demand for communication skills, the nature of language courses changed from content-based to skill-based, giving some scope to writing skill instruction and development. The relationship between reading and writing is often overlooked and reading has not always been a dominant force in writing classrooms. This book is based on a study examining the relationship between students’ reading and writing. It analyses the role of the reading input in the students’ written output in the second language classroom at the school level. This book will benefit teachers, teacher educators and trainers across disciplines to help their students improve their writing skills.


Ruth Z Hauzel (b.1981) is a self-directed and action-oriented professional with over a decade of teaching experience. She is goal-driven and a resourceful educator committed to students’ social and academic growth. She is ready to learn, which is why she became a teacher. She mentors students with life lessons and believes in encouraging students to think. She completed her Master’s, MPhil, and Ph.D. from The English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad.

Her area of specialization is English Language Education, and she is currently working as an Assistant Professor in the Department of English, GITAM (Deemed to be University) Hyderabad. She has been involved in developing materials and MOOC courses for CBSE Class XII students and has developed textbooks for Open Universities. One of the books she co-authored, ‘English All Round - Communication Skills for Undergraduate Learners’ has been prescribed as a textbook in engineering colleges under JNTU, Hyderabad.

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