Education Scenario in India: Development Dynamics by Prasanta Kumar Acharya, Kedarnath Dash and Tattwamasi Paltasingh

Education Scenario in India: Development Dynamics by Prasanta Kumar Acharya, Kedarnath Dash and Tattwamasi Paltasingh

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Needless to mention that education has been considered as a crucial input for economic and social development. Since independence, the Government of India has formulated several policies and programmes to promote education at different levels. Policies have been reformulated with more focus on raising access, equity and quality issues. There have been initiatives to improve school infrastructure, reduce class room hunger, provide access to technology and encourage multi-lingual education (MLE) and making education a joyful experience. Community involvement in planning, implementation and monitoring of the educational programmes has been encouraged. Against this backdrop this volume aims to disseminate the ideas of notable social scientists. Their views are depicted in twenty three chapters under five sections in Indian context i.e. Status of Tribal Education, Higher Education, Issues on Secondary Education, Effectiveness of Primary Education and Mid-Day Meal Scheme; and Gender and Contemporary Development. With multi-disciplinary focus this book will be immensely useful for educationists, planners, social scientists, policy makers, students and members of civil society organisations; who can be the partners in the process of strengthening the educational scenario in India.

Prasanta Kumar Acharya (b.1955) is the former Professor of Social Anthropology, Nabakrushna Choudhury Center for Development Studies, Odisha (An ICSSR Center in collaboration with the Government of Odisha). With 34 years of total teaching and research experience, he has produced 36research reports on prestigious projects funded by various State, National and International level agencies like; Planning Commission, ICSSR, Ministry of HRD, UNDP, UNICEF, ILO, and UNESCO. He has published several research papers in books and reputed journals and represented in different important State and National level Committees.

Kedarnath Dash (b.1959) is the former Associate Professor of Anthropology and Principal, B. B. (Autonomous) Mahavidyalaya, Chandikhole, Jajpur, Odisha. With 35 Years of teaching experience, he specialized in advanced Social Anthropology and his research interest includes- alcohol and drug abuse, industrialization, displacement and rehabilitation, medical anthropology and education. He has written/edited five books in the area of socio-cultural anthropology, tribal health and society and culture in India. He has also published several articles and research papers in leading national journals. He has completed several research projects sponsored by U.G.C., ICSSR and Department of Culture, Government of India.

Tattwamasi Paltasingh (b.1965) is at present working as Professor and Head of the Department of Sociology, Sambalpur University, Odisha. She has obtained her Doctorate Degree from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai with a UGC Research Fellowship. She has directed several research projects related to Education, Tribal Study, Development Studies, Entrepreneurship, Gender Studies, Evaluation and Policy Studies. She is holding many responsible positions at State & National level. She has a large number of publications in National & International Journals as well as in Edited Volumes. Prof. Paltasingh has extensive academic experience and substantial contribution to research, teaching and extension activities.

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