Crisis and Remedies of Elementary Education in India by Tarannum Siddiqui

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India is a developing country. The economy of developing countries is basically depending on the health and education level of the population living in these countries. An educated society is capable of moving the country in the right direction. In order to reach, up to higher education of any kind, it is very important to have elementary education strong like a strong foundation of a building and should run smoothly. Each and every child must get elementary education-as it is also an important part of Indian Constitution. Many efforts were made in the past to provide education to every child, but despite of all efforts with abundant facilities, we still could not be able to achieve this objective and are far away from this goal. In order to decentralize the primary education programme, emphasis has been laid on several schemes such as District Primary Education Programme and Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan Program (SSA).Pressure has been laid on the procedures of these programmes to be decentralized. Emphasis has been laid on decentralizing the processes of these programmes and setting up a proposal for the participation of all communities with the aim of setting goals.

The present book discusses in detail about the problem of dropout students in elementary education in India in general and Uttar Pradesh in particular. Over the years, the drop-out rate has been gaining limelight in the related literature as an important topic of concern. Author conducted this research study on the basis of triangulation data. While describing the importance of education, numerous studies have concluded that the problem of school dropout is a main problem in our country. It can be said that the in true sense development of a country depends on the education of children and student development is the key of a prosperous nation. It is very important to get the initial education done to prepare this mastership.  Therefore, through this research work, many difficulties faced in the field of education have been analyzed and described. Many problems encountered in the field of elementary education have been described here, due to which the boys and girls are forced to leave school and get out from the education system. The book will be of immense use to the students, researchers, planners and policy makers, Government officials and those who are concern with elementary education.     

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