Child Rearing in Manipur

Child Rearing in Manipur

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A child is brought up in a family environment, the family dwells in the environment of the community and the community grows in the context of broader societal functions. These different systems interact with one another and shape the development of the child. Our life is, therefore, a reflection of how we were nurtured and reared by our parents or guaradians in this socio-cultural ecology.

The book describes an intra and inter-cultural study of the child rearing practices of the Meiteis, the Rongmeis, the Tangkhuls and the Meitei Pangals (Manipuri Muslims) residing as separate homogenous groups in the Manipur valley. The book also provides an in-depth discussion and analysis of the social background and the cultural practices relating to children of the aforesaid four communities.

The book may provide a healthy contribution in understanding the needs of the children by the policy makers, planners, social workers and scholars especially those dealing with child welfare.

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